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Swear on Twitter, raise money for #famineaid

Top Bloody Swearers

What the dickens?

  1. Pledge to pay £1 per motherloving swear, and connect your Twitter account
  2. SwearJar monitors your swearing, and tweets you a link to pay up after a week
  3. You swear like a shucking trooper, use the hashtag #fuckfamine, and raise lots of money for the UNICEF famine appeal

For those not so keen on swearing in their tweets we've added some extra words like “awesome”, “synergy” and “epic”.

Famine? What piddling famine?

The UN has declared a famine in East Africa and it's massive:

  • A child is dying every six minutes
  • 12 million people are seriously at risk
  • It's the worst famine anywhere in the world for 60 years

The scale of this is utterly frightening: five times more people are at risk than died in all the recent tsunamis and earthquakes put together (Indonesia, Haiti, Pakistan, Japan). But no-one is talking about it, and they only have 20% of the money needed. The 50/50 Good project aims to change that.

Why swearing, dagnabbit?

  • Because swearing is frigging funny.
  • Because swearing is something people do on Twitter.
  • Because it’s a little bit controversial, and so will draw attention to the issue.

The swear jar is a folk idea that was ripe for Twitterising. So ripe, in fact, that those sons of guns at Charity Swearbox had the same idea at the same time. Support both if you can.